We provide MAM account in Infinox Capital, a FCA and SCB regulated broker with well reputation all over the world since 2009.

The Min deposit is $5000.

The performance fee is 50% profit on high water mark basis.

No management fee is charged.

To join my MAM, please send your message to  tendencyforex@outlook.com, we'll forward your email to the professional account manager of Infinox to directly contact you.

FCA Regulated (Click the Image to enlarge)

SCB Regulated ( Click the Image to enlarge )

To be honest, there are a lot of scams in Forex, including false signal provider and scam brokers. If the broker directly trade against the trader, you could not withdraw your profit or even your initial deposit.  I still have nearly $2k "Delayed withdraw" in a UK based broker for almost 3 years.

Infinox Capital is the best retail FX Broker I have ever seen. Deposit & withdraw and the execution speed is very well. The most important is their quote price is almost the same with my eSignal charting system, the spread is floating, but never seen sudden spread pop in normal conditions, which could let me well control the take profit and stop loss level. Their client service is also pretty excellent.

In 2017,  I decided to start long term cooperation with them. Then I could concentrate on the market only...